Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Up Up and North We Go


     We are in Pender Harbour, anchored in Garden Bay yesterday afternoon around 2:30.  There is a little grocery here along with fuel and propane.  We are in a small restaurant having breakfast and using the internet.  I have been advised several times just in the last two days that communication with the outside world is going to become more difficult and perhaps at some point not at all the farther north we go.  So, it is probable that we will be invisible for the next couple of weeks, or until we get back into the States, no need to send out the Search and Rescue =)  Our phone service is now out of reach as well.  I have started keeping a handwritten journal in hopes to transfer our adventure onto the blog.  We will take lots of photos.

The approach to Pender Harbour

Taking the bridge to the grocery....soon to find that a gallon of milk is a mere $7.49
I am sure it came from a HOLY COW!
Until next time.....
Love to All!

Cindy, Scott and Bucket

P.S.  Our next stop...Egmont for a day, then up Jervis Inlet and onto the beautiful, Princess Louisa Inlet....

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