Wednesday, May 21, 2014

All in a week's play


     We are in a place called Port McNeil.  I am at the laundry and am kind of kicking myself for not bring along the log book.  There is so much activity every day that sometimes it all starts blending together.  I guess that might be a sign that this is not a vacation but rather becoming a way of life.  We left Alert Bay yesterday morning.  We will spend a couple of days here provisioning, cleaning the cabin, and doing laundry (yay! clean sheets!).  We have learned a couple of good lessons this week.  Rinse and save milk jugs (we have for empties on board).  Buy powdered milk for the times that fresh milk is not available.  We learned that we like milk and toilet paper.  Yep, we ran out of toilet paper.  Luckily, we had paper towels that we cut up into little squares and wipes.  We (well, I) ran out of beer. We got diesel at Lagoon Cove and Scott overfilled the tank.  For those of you who like to learn from the errors of others, this is a "don't do."  The boat smelled terribly of diesel for a day and was not fun to clean out of the bilge or from the top of the tank.  Here are a few photos from the week and then I am going to return to boat to get the log book, as I am relying on it to report some of the details.

Eagles seem to find the coolest places to perch

Below lies a plethora of prawns

Is this a plethora?
First time to stern are you going to get up that wall?

He did it 

Safe and secure (for a day)

We ran our of gas while dinghy-ing to our prawn trap...we ported the outboard and FRESH over a tombolo  of solid oysters

less than half way across
Second day, new stern tie

Let's go on an adventure.....

.....and see what we can find

They found Harry's Rock at Tenedos Bay

We also found a rushing stream....

Scott finds the stream a great place to wash his pants

Now...this is a plethora! At least to us.....17 prawns and one tiny crab....the crab goes back 

The prawns.....well....sweet and delicious

A pair of Ravens....little did we know that we would be venturing into the land of Ravens soon (also known as Alert Bay).   

And now....crab for dinner....8 of them equals

Four cups of meat after two hours of cleaning.....
We had crab and cream cheese on crackers, crab cakes, and buttery farfalle pasta topped with grated gouda and loaded with crab 

Octopus Islands welcoming committee, three happily waving seals

Welcoming committee at Port Harvey

Going on an adventure


And, now....the masterpiece, art made from driftwood, rope, and rocks gathered while exploring

Bucket had a "Great idea, let's use purple ink to write our initials on our feet."  And it was made so....