Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

     Today is Mother's Day in the States.  I feel pretty blessed to have the ability to post......

Happy Mother's Day

     To Every Every Beautiful Woman in my life.  My Mom(s), My Sisters, My Friends, My Daughter, My Aunts, My Grandmother(s), My Nieces, My Cousins, Mentors and Teachers.  Life is a wonderful thing with you in it, I am truly blessed. Thank you for the loving support, encouragement, and reality checks.  Thank you for the laughter, sharing the tears, for always welcoming me with an open heart and open arms, for providing me with a safe and comfortable place to "just be," without the concern of judgement or being shut out.  Thank you for your honesty and letting me know you.  You are with me always, you are at times my conscious, and here to give advice even when you don't know it. 
                       Thank You....I Appreciate You....I Admire You.....I Love You.....

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