Sunday, May 11, 2014

Next....Desolation Sound


     We are in a town called Powell River at Westview Harbour.  We made the trip from Princess Louisa Inlet in one day.  It was a wet, wet, rainy, day.  Scott was at the helm for 10 hours.  Zayden and I were below, keeping ourselves entertained with books, pens, and toys.  Every now and then one of us would pop our heads out to check on the Captain.  He seemed to be enjoying every minute of the drippy weather.  Never a complain or a groan, just an occasional request for hot drink or water proofed snack. Hot mocha and an apple was his special request.  I relieved him twice in the 10 hours for a pee break, Although I would have been more than happy to have taken the wheel more, he said he was content and it showed.

    There have been days when I find myself just complaining about this being my new lifestyle.  Oh...the inconveniences of not having hot water on demand, the confined living space, the lack of ice cubes and a freezer, no television or internet, making three meals a day in small galley and the constant doing of dishes, not having a personal washer and dryer, no daily shower....sometimes the list goes on and I find myself dwelling on the 'lack of."  Then we experience something as miraculous as Princess Louisa Inlet.  I have everything I could possibly need or want.  This place can only be visited by boat or sea plane.  The waterfalls flowing from the rocky hills that seem to reach to the highest point of the Earth are countless.  The serenity and sounds of nature unsurpassable.  My Uncle Bub once described the air in heaven so pure that it never had to be exhaled.  I believe I have came as to breathing the air of heaven that I ever will as a human being.  Only by experience can this wonderment be absorbed into the soul.  I took photo after photo in hopes of capturing the work of God so that I may share it with my loved ones.  Malibu Falls is the gateway to Princess Louisa.
The Gateway to a heavenly place
Our first view of Chatterbox Falls

The air is cool crisp and wet at the base of the falls

What the Falls sees....happy boys

Just as I thought.....ICY! I should be numb enough soon to shave my legs....

He's going in!

He agrees....ICY!

We dined lunch in the dinghy while Mama Bear and her 2 cubs dined on the bank.
We enjoyed left over pancakes topped with peanut butter and cinnamon and sugar along with cheese sticks and a shared bottle of water, while the bears crunched on mussels from the branches.....A delightful show!
(Uncle Craig....we thought of you....these guys were so darn cute!)

     Little did we know that within the same 24 hours we would view a Killer Whale and cub traveling through the Jervis Inlet.

     I am here doing laundry and the dryer is in cool down.  I have to cut this short, and I have so much to share.  We gathered mussels and oysters and ate them fresh while in the inlet.  We have met a lot of nice nice people.  Garden Bay, I know, has the friendliest people on the planet.  like I said, I am keeping a handwritten journal and will hopefully pass along some of the entries.  For now....I will fold the laundry, the fuel dock opens in a half an hour when we will fill up and make our way to Desolation Sound.  Maybe I can get a few more photos downloaded while I fold....
We did some fantasy real estate shopping....we though we could live here in Garden bay

or Here

Fishing for crab bait in Egmont.....will this work?

Pull it up, Bucket...let's see if we got any
(Yes, Shawn  =)    we purchased a crab/prawn trap.  I will let you know of the deliciousness when we get some.)

Sewing machine broken :(   (clutch washer needed)

In transit via Canadian Post...

Minor repair...less expensive to hire a diver than to haul out.  Bucket is in awe....he may be a diver someday.

Replacing the sacrificial zinc on the prop shaft....fell off somewhere around Egmont

The guys....ready for yet another hiking is good!

     I am 3 minutes late to the set off for the fuel dock.....TTFN

Until next time....
Fair Winds and Oceans of Love

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