Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November 5, 2013

    Between yesterday and today we managed to get two major catastrophes done and over with.  Yesterday afternoon around 1:30 in the afternoon I was making the bed or some odd job like that and hear a crashy boom sound.  I go out on deck to find Scott and ask, "What was that?" He points at small boat with it's bow sprit resting on our bow sprit, "It was them hitting us." No harm done, none to speak of, just a little scrape on the stainless.  I was relieved that it was someone hitting us rather than the other way around.

     Second catastrophe...about and hour ago, the Bucket fell in the water between the boat and dock.  He was getting on the boat after a trip to the grocery.  He had his hat in his hand which mad his hand slip and in he went.  He managed to get his first bloody nose and lost his hat to the harbor.  The water here is very cold.  He will be much more cautious and has changed his mind about wanting to swim in the sound.  He was also thrilled that his "boat coat worked," he calls his life jacket his boat coat and does not go out into the cockpit without putting it on.  He practically lives in it because he puts in on right out of the cabin and wears it to the end of the gangway and puts it back on upon returning to the gangway.

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