Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1, 2013

Happy November!

     We did the traditional "Halloween" thing last night.  We went trick-or-treating in Port Townsend.  There was something about it that was not traditional for us, however.  We were a part of the Halloween Parade.  This IS tradition for the town of Port Townsend.  So, it started out that Zayden was going to dress as a White Ninja, and he did.

Well, those of you who know me, also know that October 31st does not get by without me in some kind of costume.  Mind you, we are on a sailing vessel and there is little to no storage for extra stuff like costumes or holiday decorations.  I have managed to stow away a small holiday flag for each holiday (thank you, Ronna).  I have also stowed a bit of costume jewelry and skirts.  This was my first year to dress as a gypsy for Halloween ("how fitting," I thought).  I must say also, that Scott (the man who prefers to go as himself) found the spirit to play along.  He wore his Grandmother's (yes, Great Mama's) silky summer scarf (which I so gratefully inherited).  Yes it is a very nice scarf and as it turns out it makes great "pirate" headwear.  Scott had me add a bit of a mustache and some sort of beardy hair with my eyeliner make-up and we were off to a parade of 1500 or so.

After parading through town and coming across some close encounters of the same kind,

we found ourselves with a pail full of candy.  We even enjoyed a cupcake from the local cupcakery, who today told us that she makes 500 cupcakes to hand out and adds 1500 pieces of candy to her treat giving night.  Now that is a lot of sugar for this small town!

 We walked home to our Velvet Sky and crossed the paths of many spooks and other beings heading downtown.  Zayden toasted them with his pail of candy and shouted, "Halloween is over!" He was a happy white ninja and it seems that 2 hours of costume and candy was just what the kid doctor ordered.  As for me.... I was ready for a combination of hops, barley, and yeast joined together in their finest form.....and make it bubbly.  It was a fun 2 hours.


  1. love the pictures and the blogs.....thanks for posting! BTW...your blogs are done very well. Love you, Aunt Linda

  2. These just make me happy to look at. I'm jealous, envious, but excited for the three of you. Living the life, the dream. So awesome!