Sunday, November 17, 2013

Day Trip (11-17-2013)

     We had our first, "out of state" visitor last week.  It happened like this.  We have no television, no internet, have read, cooked, ate, cleaned, walked, organized, repaired, done just about anything we could think of or we inclined to do.  It is Monday night around 5:00, I have an idea. Let's play cribbage!  We love cribbage and we have a board on board.  We are all set up and ready to play.  There is one problem, we don't remember exactly how.  Funny!  We try to walk ourselves through a hand and  find ourselves creating some kind of new game mixing gin, cribbage and battleship.  This is not it.

      I have another idea.  Let's call Unk!  He knows!  We played for hours in past years.  One phone call and we were back into cribbage and informed that Unk would be here to visit the next day, November 12, 2013.  We hit the jackpot.  Unk, is Scott's Uncle, those of you who know us either know him or know of him.  It was a spontaneous move on his part, we were thrilled.

     Scott and I played several rounds of cribbage and know that it will likely be a permanent form of entertainment for us.

     Tuesday we woke and spent the morning anxiously awaiting phone call from Unk telling us that he had left his home and would be arriving in Port Townsend within 10 hours.  It is a 10 hour drive from Idaho to here, well, at least it is for me.  Unk made it here in just 8 hours!  It was such a treat to see a familiar face.  He was here to sail.  He had contributed ,  hours of labor, love, and so much energy in helping make the Velvet Sky our home and getting her on the water.  He was here to see and feel the magic he had a hand in creating.

     We set out for a sail on Wednesday morning, 10-ish.  Our destination.... Port Ludlow.  We might stay the night in a guest slip there and return to Port Townsend on Thursday.  Although we have been out into the sound 4 or five times and sauntered about, this is our first real venture.  It was a beautiful day, the clouds were near non existent and the rays of the sun danced happily on the water surface and warmed our faces as he started underway.  We  motored out looking for the most important element in sailing.  The Wind.  We found it for about 30 minutes halfway to Ludlow.  It was lovely.  So quiet and peaceful.  No motor, just the sound of the boat cutting through the cool, salty water that delightfully embraced the Velvet Sky.  There was also the sound of 8 knots of wind swirling in and around the sails and waterbirds calling out to their kin when they came across good ocean feed.  A little piece of heaven.

     We enjoyed the 30 minutes of sailing, then motored our way to Ludlow.  Out in the water we see a new sight.  This was our first time around Marrowstone Island.  Colvos Rock is like a tiny little island out on our port side.

Unk enjoying the view and quiet from the sprit 

A new place...Approaching Port Ludlow on our the Starboard Side (exciting for us)

The "Boys," after docking at Ludlow

     We made a short tour of Ludlow and decided to motor-sail back to Port Townsend.  This was a nice day trip, with and without the wind.

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