Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

     The new Mainsail is on, the Genoa is on and the Stays'l is on.....LET'S GO SAILING!  Saturday the 26th was the day.  We headed out around 10:00  that morning.  Scott and the Bucket started at the helm, taking us out of the slip and into the big water of The Sound.

Eventually I found my place at the helm while Scott handled the sails.

Scott got the sails up and we had windspeed around 9 or 10 which moved us along at around 3.7 or 4 knots.    Not much to speak of, but we were sailing! That counts for something, heck, that counts for a lot considering we have been sitting in a slip for over a month.

Our Main.....she is up and alive!

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