Thursday, January 28, 2016

Velvet Sky Becomes Cape D

     We initially bought 16 tubs at the local Walmart, thinking,  "This should be just almost enough to pack most of the stuff we have moved into the Velvet Sky." Well, it was NOT EVEN close to enough, as it is we have a total of 73 tubs and parcels to have to be hauled back to the States.  How in the world did we get soooo much stuff in such a small space?  We were completely moved out in about 4 days of steady packing, hauling, and cleaning our things off of Velvet Sky.

     I would like to introduce you to the family that now resides on the former Velvet Sky.  Their names are Daryl, Janet, and Julian Swensen.  They made a visit to Velvet Sky late January.  Marshall has been friends with them for a couple of years and brought them aboard because they like the thought of living aboard an Island Packet.  They liked the idea so much, they now call the this one, theirs.  They have renamed her and are moved in and sleeping peacefully on board.   They love her and we are over the top happy to have this family take over the love and care of this Island Packet.

Daryl, Janet and Julian.  Residence of CAPE D (formerly Velvet Sky).

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