Thursday, January 28, 2016

Book 2-Chapter 1

The Chill Mobile

     We call him, "Willy."  As of today, we are not certain of when our next boating or sea adventure may be. We do know, however, that in April of 2016, we will be making a go to Canada, Nanaimo, to drive Willy back to the States and make him an official citizen of the USA.

Meet "Willy," the Chill Mobile

And Brian and Richelle, Willy's previous caretakers

     Today we are vacationing in PV, staying at a hotel outside of Bucerias, wrapping up some business arrangements.   Our return date for the States is up in the air.  Our plans at this point is a visit to Dad and Mom in Paris sometime in February.  It is likely that we fly from here to Paris and meet our "stuff" back in the States in March. The only day that we have any specific plans for is March 17th, Buckets 6th birthday, we will without question be spending that day with him.  

     I will continue to blog and do my best to keep our family and loved ones up to date on our gypsy-like life style.

Until next time....

Love to All


  1. I can't believe you're off the water! I hope you continue writing about your adventures across the country. I started ours at but I'm way behind the writing. Hope to run into you on the road!

    Jamie and Danielle

    1. Hey Jaime!
      I will continue to blog as I fore-see many adventures to come and it is possible we are just taking a break and will explore land based waypoints for a while.

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  3. Hi Scott and Cindy,
    Amy here from Pelagic. I am finally getting some unlimited internet and I am spending it trying to catch back up with some of the other cruisers we have met along the way. Big changes for you guys over the last year and a half. Hope all goes well for you. We half expected to catch back up with you as we return home next year. At some point we are expecting to be back along the Mexican coast. Currently we have the kids enrolled in school in Spain for the semester. They like it, but we are itching to get back to cruising in the tropics.......Infinitely easier. Good luck on your next adventure and pass along a hello to Bucket from Ana.

    1. Hi Amy,

      Thank you for keeping in contact. Yes, big changes. Maybe we will meet up again someday (we would like that). I will pass along the "Hello," from Ana. Bucket will be thrilled to hear from her.
      Until we meet again, take care and happy travels.

  4. Hi Scott & Cindy,
    We were hoping to be able to find a website of yours and finally did after a year. Last year on March 17th, we remembered your adorable "Bucket's" birthday and wanted to send him birthday wishes. Again this year on March 17th (Fiji time, anyway) we thought of him again. Please wish him a "Happy Birthday" from us. He may not remember us, but he sure made a great impression on Dan & I.
    Looks like your travels have changed a bit. Sure hope you are both doing well and are all happy.
    Very Best Regards.
    Dan & Marla Slattery
    s/v Long Windid

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