Friday, January 1, 2016

Barra Navidad -- Happy 2016!

     Awwwwe…..Paradise.  Well, it feels like paradise.  We are in the marina at the Grand Isla Resort in Barra Navidad. I have a few pics however, photos do no justice to elegant structure and exotic ambience of the place.  This would be an ideal honeymoon destination or Christmas/New Year vacation for any land lubber looking for a get-away.  Here is the website, enjoy:  It is just beautiful, a must see.  And the little town of Barra is quite pleasant as well and only a short, 7 peso bus ride to another small town of Malaque.

    We started our New Years Eve day with a visit to the pool and stayed planted there until around 17:00 until we caught the water taxi over to Barra and had New Year’s dinner of BBQ Ribs and enchiladas.  We headed back to the resort around 21:00 and found seats on one of the many balconies.  We visited and had drinks until midnight when we brought in the new year with good food, drink, company, and a terrific firework display.  Spectacular!

              HAPPY NEW YEAR!  *CHEERS!*
       Many blessings of love, joy, health, and laughter in 2016

    I am quite comfortable here in Barra, it is a pleasant stay. And since our last tour was a looooong 40 something hours and I am not looking forward to the bashing on north, however, we are leaving here tomorrow and are pushing on to Nuevo Vallarta.  The resort there calls itself “Paradise Village” and I remember it being a luxury vacation spot, so that, I am looking forward to.


Love to All

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