Thursday, December 3, 2015

Chiapas in December

     We arrived in Chiapas on Monday, November 20th in the afternoon.  It was a 46 hour passage.  It started our a bit rough we put the mainsail up and immediately blasted with two huge waves.  The hatches were open so the inside of the boat got doused with a good bit of salt water (man I hate that!).  The cock pit got  a good dousing as well so we started out pretty sticky and sweaty.   We got tossed around enough that I blew chunks in the galley sink.  Grant, who is new to the ocean experience got a little green around the gills but managed to hold his own.  After a good five hours of rough seas things began to calm and smooth out.  The remaining of the trip was uneventful, not even much sea life to be seen.

     December 1, we made our rounds to customs, immigration, and port captain, where we got all the official checking in done.  We are cleared to wander Mexico as we please.  Our first meal was here at the marina....I love Mexican food!  It is even more flavorful after a week of eating Salvadorian food which is good, however, can be fairly described as spice-less and bland. 

     On the 2nd of December we took a collectivo ride into Tapachula for lunch and a little exploring.  We were hoping to catch a movie.  We all got excited when Star was one of the featured movies on the board.  Later we found out it won't show until December 17th. We opted out of the movie idea since all shows were dubbed in Spanish with no subtitles.  We are true gringos.  We did find street tacos that were nothing like you get in the states.  Our drinks came in plastic bags tied at the top with a straw stuck inside and for extra support placed in a plastic picture.  I guess I am not the only one who can come up with innovative was to not have to wash dishes.  

     Bucket, for you, we took Woody along on this day trip.  He had a great time flopping around on the back of my pack.

     Now we are waiting for a window to cross the  Tehuannapec (I need to check the spelling on this one).  Right now it looks like we might be here until next Wednesday and maybe even later.  There are many many boats waiting to cross both north and south.  We will all be crossing at the same time. It seems the Tehuannapec has been unsettled for quite some time.   We will probably be doing some inland travel (maybe Guatemala)while we wait for the window.  We will also have the boat hauled out again to touch up the bottom paint and replace the zinc.  

     Love to All


Tied up at the dock, freshly showered, ready to enjoy a "make our tongues happy" meal.  

Woody joins on in on the days adventure.

He found some friends of his own.

Lunch time.

A plate covered in a plastic bag means no dishwashing.

Grilled green onions add a sweet addition to the plate.

Drinking in style, with style

La Musica makes the day complete.

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