Thursday, December 17, 2015

Adios Chiapas.....on to Huatulco (Marina Chahue)

Enrique and Guermo (Memo), El Heffe's De La Marina Chiapas
(The Bosses of the Marina)
These are great guys who would do anything for anyone, although they always reserve the right to do it "Mañana."
They have taught us to take it easy....enjoy the it tomorrow.

Shrimp tacos underway....better than street tacos?  Possible.

The Velvet Sky got Tehuantepec-ed! She came away with a broken bobstay.   She is a tough cookie!
And Scott will make the repair...

As Memo would say, "Mañana." Today he is going to cool off and kick it by the pool at the Hotel across the street from
Marina Chahue.

And Grant is making his initiation into the tropical ocean.....90 degree, salty sea....
Life is AWESOME!

This is mañana and the temporary fix is a success ...... with a Crescent wrench (and a brilliant mind)
a man can conquer the trials and tribulations of the Tehuantepec....

This will hold until we get to Nueva Vallerta (tentative date, January 3rd, 2016)

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