Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

     Thanksgiving in the tropics.  The meal consisted of pit roasted pig, potatoes on the bbq, cole slaw (kfc style), and loads of garlic and butter spiced broccoli (my favorite).  Dessert was apple crisp, brownies, cinnamon rolls, a puff pastry of some sort, and chocolate cookies.  Grant and I agreed that the first time we find pumpkin we are making pie, we both missed the pumpkin pie and whipped cream.  It was a great day all in all.  Friends, drink, a dip in the pool, good food, and a phone call home, yes, it was a great day. We were back to the boat and in bed no later than 7:00. 

     We are leaving port today around 1600.  We have a list of things to accomplish before we set off, a shower, although last on the list feels most important since it may be a few days before we get another.  Here the showers are one temperature and a tad on the salty side, however, I am grateful for the opportunity to be in a private stall with the ability to use several gallons if I so desire.  We are leaving with about 75 gallons of fresh water in our tank and full fuel tanks and jerry jugs. 

     Our next available internet connection will likely be Chiapas.

     Let us know if you can follow our path on 

     Love To All 

Looks a bit morbid to me, after all this pig who Lou named "Isabelle" was alive the day before.
80lbs at $2.00/lb
She was a spectacular pig!

A nice way to enjoy the day.  I am thankful for the cooling off. 

She gave her all!
(Without the 11:00 filet of fish runs and daily frozen yogurt splurges back in the States, Scott is on his way to being a once again, slim and trim Captain.)

MMMM...salty bbq potatoes
Grant has nothing against pork for a Thanksgiving meal.

Scott likes it too.  (Yes, I had some and liked it.)


  1. So happy to see your posts again. Happy turkey day to you. Such a big gap for 6 months. I am sure you are doing the right things and know you are enjoying life. Best to you and yours.

    1. Hi Steve! We went back to the States to wait out hurricane season. Thanks for keeping in touch. Best wishes for Happy Holidays to you and Penny.

  2. I'm glad you're safe and happy! Hugs and love!! -Amy💜

    1. Hugs and Love!
      Safe and Happy, we are!.....and stinking' hot and sweaty...not bragging, just is HOT (mucho color aqui) here.