Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Nanaimo, BC (here today)

     We have returned to civilization.  There are large metal contraptions that roar and grumble and roll around on this completely unnatural black trail that meanders through this village that has large buildings with flashing signs.  And there are people everywhere! Hundreds of them....no, thousands of them!  And they sit in these contraptions as they move throughout the village.  They do not carry back packs loaded with water, snacks, first aid, bug spray, and sunscreen.  They carry fancy little bags that fit  in one hand or over their shoulder.  So many of them are looking at their hands and moving their fingers around on some rectangular device.  They rarely look up.  They are all moving so fast and look as if they have some place to be.  No time to talk, I'm late, I'm late....

     So this is the city! Cars, and streets, and stores, and shopping, and people, and phones, and people in cars with phones going shopping, and internet that works.  And ice cream and hamburgers! (Yells Bucket)  His first meal when we tie up to a dock in a place that serves food is a hamburger with catsup and pickles, his favorite.

     Our most recent experience with a real city was just a few of days ago (July 9, 2014).  We were in Campbell River (fishing capitol of the world).  Campbell River is a city of 40 thousand.  Can you say, "Over stimulated?"  Okay, everyone knows what it is like to be in a big city.  We had not planned to arrive in the city for another day.  Before Campbell River we were at a nice little dock at Port Harvey Marina.  Let me back up a little more.  On July 08, 2014 at  09:43 we start the engine at 09:55 we cast off from the dock at the quaint and pleasant Lagoon Cove Marina (one of our favorite stops in the Broughton Islands). At 10:03 we are underway, our course overground is 100 degrees (m), speed overground an easy 6.6 kts, true wind speed the dull 2.2 kts, and we are in a comfortable depth of 176 feet.  It is overcast and cool, looks like rain.  We have a course set for Port Harvey.


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