Thursday, July 10, 2014

Another Photo Update

Yellow Eye Rockfish for dinner?

Or Ling Cod?  Both caught the same day and on the menu for dinner that evening.

Excuse me?  Can I get a price check (at Duncanby).

This is a real road, it is called the Corduroy Road.

Hiking back from the lake at the "now closed Greenway Marina."

Deep in the woods....happy days

A bird tornado forming

Hello Mr. Humback whale


Hello again....he entertained us for a good 45 minutes.  We have videos of this whale and a pod of dolphins (wish I could figure out how to post them).  Amazing!

My friend, Mary.  She travels on the Grand Banks named 4th of July.  She is a keeper!

Bucket makes friends so easily.  This is Bucket, David, and Guiness going out to pick up the prawn trap.

Returning with 3 prawns  (they were BIG prawns!)

David is certain we should have a dog on the boat.

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  1. I love rock fish and lingcod we catch those off our coast too.