Thursday, April 17, 2014

The first leg

     We are doing it, really doing it.  We left Port Townsend at 8:15 am on April 12, 2014.  We are keeping a decent log so far, and kept on course surprising well.  We arrived in Langley, Washington at 4:30 pm.  We motored most of the way because we had the wind at our stern and it was one jibe after another.  It was pretty stressful and yes, there was some cussing. By the time we arrived we were ready to tie up at the dock and take a few deep breaths.  Funny thing though, there was a motor boat gathering in Langley that day and there was no dock available to tie up to.  We were instructed that we could raft up with one of the motor boats or anchor out.  We opted the latter.  Scott's words were, "How appropriate," My thoughts were, "What the *@##*, I am not ready for this!"

       I learned something....I didn't know that I didn't know how to back the boat with the wind pushing the bow.

     Our first attempt at anchoring in Langley was a failure.  Scott pulled the anchor back in and the chain pile fell.  Our no yelling rule (we try to use hand signals while anchoring) went out with tide.  There was yelling and I was quite sure I could not handle the job of backing to secure the anchor.  Eventually we prevailed and the anchor was secure.  The water was rough and the wind was windy.  We tossed the idea of rowing Fresh into town, but that was as far as we went with that. Tossed it and forgot it.

     This was our first experience of not being plugged into electricity.  It felt so primitive, yet so freeing.   We were self sufficient.  Our solar panels fed the batteries and we have a lovely lantern that lights the salon.  Plenty of propane and food for two weeks.  We had hamburgers (with catsup and pickles) and peaches for dinner.

     We snuggled into our home on the rolling waves our beloved diesel heater doing it's job and keeping us warm and cozy.  Around 8:30 we were ready for a good sleep.  Then came the thought of,  "What if the anchor isn't set and we drift ashore?"  Does this mean someone will stay up and keep watch?  Yes, that is exactly what that means.  And we will take turns doing it.  Long story short, the boat drifts with the current (we weren't aware of this fact).  At midnight we were up and outside ready to reset the anchor.  We checked our position, and although we appeared to be drifting, the boat was simply going with the flow and the anchor was firmly in place.  All was well.  Still I didn't rest too well.  Morning came and what a beautiful morning it was.  We survived our first day out and our first night anchored from what I would call civilization.  SUCCESS!

Looking in to Langley from Velvet Sky

Good Morning, Bucket....what do you see?
(leaving Langley)


Love to All

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