Friday, April 11, 2014


     Today we tie up the final loose ends.  Laundry, one more trip to the grocery, tie the bikes on deck, and say a few "fair-the-well."  We are ready to throw off the dock lines and set sail at 70 degrees NE (M).   We will leave Saturday or Sunday (tomorrow or the next day) early morning, around 8:30.  We will travel around Whidbey Island to Langley and that will be our first anchorage this leg. We figure about a 6 hour trip.  We will take photos, and update whenever possible.  I added a few photos to the gallery this morning.

Love to All!


  1. Hi Guys,

    My wife, Beth, and I have been following your preparations from the east coast. (Oriental, NC). We're aboard Kestrel, an IP35 (#18). We're on our 1 year countdown. Who knows, we may head the "wrong way" around and meet you on the other side. Smooth sailing and please continue the excellent posts.


    1. AHOY Clarence! Welcome aboard :)
      This has been an incredible journey and learning experience that I would have never imagined. Thanks for for your comment. Hopefully we DO cross paths someday.

  2. Hey! That little critter isn't a pest. It's a young sea otter. They are the comedians of the sea. Very fun to watch them play together. Bon Voyage!
    Dad & Donna

    1. AH HA! You are right about that....they are pretty darn cute....he could have shared the crab, though..
      Love You Both!