Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Hop, Skip, and a Boat Trip Around the San Juan Islands

     We pulled into Roche Harbor Marina guest side moorage this morning around 10:45.  Our aim was slip number 26, with a little help from some 13 knot wind and bad timing we missed our target and a piling by only a few centimeters and safety tied up in slip 27 at 10:55.  We plugged in for the first time in 9 days.  Scott gave the boat a fresh water rinse and we headed up the docks to pay moorage and get lunch (that I didn't fix).  Next and most importantly, we leisurely made our way to the playground for some sliding and swinging.  Naps, showers, laundry, and a little grocery shopping followed.  Dinner, which consisted of cheese, crackers, fresh pineapple, and pan fried chicken was made here on the Velvet Sky.  Electricity and internet was being utilized by 7:00 pm.  I started downloading photos as Scott started trip planning the next leg.  I joined him shortly as the internet is slow as molasses.  We will be in Canada midweek. 

     Here it is 11:38 pm.  Scott and Bucket are sleeping.  The photos just finished downloading (4 hours later) and still a few did not get loaded, some "error."  Tomorrow I will add captions to the photos and share more about the last 9 days.  For now, I will end the day by saying, "goodnight," and sending love to all.


This photo kind of depicts how the weather felt that day.  Although we stayed dry and I don't recall it raining that day, it was cold and damp and a little eerie as we made our way slow and steady through the Swinomish Channel.

This is the first Bald Eagle I spotted off the starboard side of the boat, then...... to the port side we see more than we can count, adults,juveniles, male, and female.....such an incredible sight.
This is the approach to a portion of the channel called "Hole in the Wall." It looked like such a tight fit (if any fit) for the boat.
I think this is where Scott announced we were moving along with a mere 17 inches of water below the keel.

We made through spotted the "Rainbow Bridge" that is the gate way to La Conner
Scott learns about jiggers and how they are used to catch smelt.

Nine little smelt and fresh pineapple made a nice meal

Hello sunrise....fare well La Conner

Good morning Capt'n and Little Crew Man

And onto Deception pass....
James Island....a tiny little island.  We had a small fire at the center of the island, we sat were we could enjoy viewing both sides of the island at the same time. 

I couldn't resist a photo op....

Hiking and exploring

Good idea?  Uh....maybe....

The Island so big it had a dock with enough room for 2 boats

Talking about finding deer, or hunting, dragons, or....

He makes it! All by himself....

I have been informed that they are "Kings of the Mountain"

OUCH! Fell off the teeter-totter!

On again......

Off again!

Decides playing on the beach with his shovel and pail is safer....
Approaching Sucia Island

On Stewart Island we decide to row our bikes ashore for some trail riding.  Turns out the trail is gravel and mostly up-up-up we did some good trail pushing...

Totally worth the 3 mile hike/walk/run/bike pushing trip.....the view was spectacular and Bucket is proving himself to be pretty darn good at snapping a photo.
This is at Lover's Leap just before Turn Point

A swing in the middle of the woods?  COOL!

This was a heart pounding experience.....I made it to the top of the mast, monkey hugging it almost the entire way.  I felt likeI was so far up and if I fell, was going to hurt, bad!  Next time will be easier, I know this because I look up at the top now and from down here, it truly is not as far as my mind made it out to time, less fear, more enjoyment.

Photo taken from the top of the mast

Our daily hike....this is our second day on Stewart Island....we left the bikes on the boat

Tree hangin' is a must!

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