Friday, March 27, 2015

Too Hot To Blog

The high has been 95 (99 inside the boat), the low 84.  If one has air conditioning in the boat, it is likely they will remain inside.  That being said, it is a bit too hot to blog…so here are a few photos to help tell what we have been up to this last week.

We visited the archeological sights in El Salvador.  The most impressive was  Joya De Ceren, the Pompay of Central America. 

Bucket takes a rest after some archeological hiking.

Hey! Did you hear something or someone working outside the boat? Wholly cow!  The dock is giving way to the tide!


Clam Diggers

Today's restaurant of choice for lunch today

New Friends  (Bucket, Cesear, and Bird)

THE clams……Ten for a dollar

Pick a fish…any fish  5, 8, or 10 dollars

Shrimp dinner…..8 dollars

Let's learn to fish, Salvadorian style

A vulture rest stop…


  1. The pictures (and your journal) make us feel like we're there. You do an
    awesome job! Love you