Thursday, March 5, 2015

Random Thoughts and Recalls As We Get Ready to Depart Mexico

      It is not so bad to send your laundry out and have it come back clean and nicely folded smelling like a dream.  In Mexico it is not only common, it is the only way.

     The toilet paper is scented, it smells like Johnson's Baby Lotion.

     Sunscreen and bug spray triple in price at 16 degrees latitude and below, and it is kept behind the counter so you have to ask for it and pay for it in the pharmacy.

     Wind and weather information is usually incorrect.
     Eggs are never refrigerated and stay fresh for 3-6 months and the yolks are extremely fragile.

     Raw chicken is yellow (some say it is from the food they eat).  It is hard to get used to.

     Beer is cheaper than water.

     I have found to be the oranges the ugliest on earth, yet the orange juice is the BEST on earth.  Jugo de Naranja, Nada Mas.

     Authentic ceviche is made with raw shrimp/fish.  The meat cooks in the lime juice and is ready to eat in 20 minutes.  DE-LISH!

     Piedros, a palapa restaurant on the beach in Manzanilla, claim to have the best fish tacos in the Universe, we can't say it is not true.

     Milk is sold primarily in cartons in ultra-pasturized form.  Milk bought out of the cooler is only good for 5-7 days.

     The paper towels biodegrade before they get the job done, it is possible T.P. would be more beneficial.

      Where are the seals, sea lions, and crab?

     All bras, regardless of how big the cups are, are labeled 34B.

     When fishing for Dorado or Marlin it is best to use light colored lures in the daylight and dark colored in afternoon, evening.

     The sunsets are stunning and indescribably beautiful.

     The word "rope" translates into "clothing," not "rope." and "escusado" is "toilet," not "excuse me."

     I was told that taxes are not paid on a building until it is fully constructed, 99% of the buildings have exposed rebar out the roof.

     While still not his favorite, Scott will eat a dish containing cilantro without complaining.

     Mayonaise, instead of parmesan is the norm for topping a pizza.

     Scott has developed an immunity/tolerance/liking (call it what you will) for mexican picante spices.  Salsas and dishes that burn my lips off and leave me panting like a hot dog have zero effect on him.

     Scott walks around town barefoot and spends most of his time shirtless.  

     The people are extremely friendly, eager, and willing to help in any way possible.

     A little sign language and sound effects go along way in communication.  Completing the Rosetta Stone program would have made me look like a genius.  

     Street tacos ROCK at three for $2.00.  Pinas Relleno (stuffed pineapples) Rock AND Roll! This is a new favorite mexican dish.

     Enriques Resturante in La Cruz gets 5 stars for food, drinks, setting, prices, and service.  There should be an "Enriques" in every town.


Turtle Bay (Bahai de Tortuga)
Nueva Vallarta (Paradise Village, where Scott discovered he has a taste for Dirty Monkeys)
Barre Navidad (Where the "French Baker" is a blessing with tasty bread, quiche, pastries, and dockside service.)
Isla Grande


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