Thursday, June 12, 2014



     We are back at Shearwater Marina on Denny Island.  We left here on May 30th with a course set for Klemtu (which we passed by and found anchorage in Bottleneck Inlet on Roderick Island).  I fear the internet connection will not allow me much time for posting, therefore I will have to keep this update short and to the point, definately no photo posting (sadly).

    A few days before we docked here at Shearwater, we had anchored in  a place called Murray Labyrinth spent the day there and left early the next morning to find anchorage in Fury Cove on Fury Island.  Here we met Mark from the Waggoner Cruising Group.  We were coming to the end of the bible and guide to the best places to visit and anchor in the inside passage.  Lucky for us he had a guidebook onboard that we bought, it is called, "Exploring South East Alaska."  There is a list of itineraries in the back of the book.  While looking over them we discovered that we should have been on some sort of time schedule in order to make it to Alaska and back down the coast to Seattle by mid August (to make the weather window for traveling South).  That would mean we should have been traveling 30-100 miles a day and we travel an average of merely 6.  We herby dub ourselves "Dawdlers of the Inside Passage" and feel our life has been truly enhanced because of it.  We have seen natures finest creations in our dawdling, likely things that most people who hurry their way to reach Alaska miss.  Dolphins dancing and playing at the bow of the boat, Mink finding it's daily meal in the mussel beds, Killer Whales, Bears, A Wolf, Bald Eagles, Ravens, Wild Swans, Sandhill Cranes, we have had the freshest of fresh seafood, including salmon caught right off the stern of Velvet Sky, we have breathed the fresh salty air every night as we sleep under the star filled, non-light polluted skies.  We have experienced remoteness like no other, no hustle and bustle, no schedule, not much concern with time (just the tide and currents).

    This leg of our journey is the fine example of "It's the journey, not the destination."

     We  made it as far north as Hartley Bay and are now heading back down.  Our plan is to take the West side of Vancouver Island, and get a bit of open Ocean experience. We will be anchoring most of the time and will be away from civilization and internet, so no worries.  Know that we are having a great many experiences and we will return to the busy-ness and high activity of the modern world eventually.

     Until then......

Fair Winds and Oceans of Love,
The Dawdlers of the Inside Passage and Dwellers of the Velvet Sky

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