Saturday, June 21, 2014

Photo Update

These swings have been appropriately labeled "Adult Swings."
They are located on a trail in Lagoon Cove.  Scott could almost touch the sky!  He got the swing as high as a 90 degree angle!

The swings from a different perspective

From Lagoon Cove to Sullivan Bay

A fire on the beach a Fury Cove

And marshmallows ....  of course

And sand/shell castles

The monster trucks work much better on the beach than on the boat

NOW a sand beach.  This is called West Beach at Pruth Bay on Calvert Island

Yep...real sand and a WHOLE sand dollar

The finder (he left it where he found it)

Rock climbing after some wave running

A full day of exercise (we all love this)

This is the coolest outhouse on any trail we have wandered thus far (Pruth Bay)

Fire and Mallows (peace, love, and joy!)

We are artists!  Our sculpture on West Beach

This is art (not done by us)

Carved in a tree at Pruth Bay
Butedale....there is history here
The remains of an old cannery

Looking a bit worn down

The dock at Butedale. It only looks unsafe

Another view
Planes dock here too...must be safe

The powerhouse

generator for electricity

ran using an alternator 

The mind that makes this work is a brilliant one
Look!  Scott caught dinner!  21 1/4 inches

It actually fed us two dinners!  Indescribably delicious!

We were hoping to see a "Spirit Bear," (which is a blonde brown bear)....all we got was  a research ground that was surrounded with barbed wire that captured the hair of the bear as he walked around the baited area.

So....we gave up bear scouting for the day and went swimming instead ( was like 46 degree water)

This like a good place to build a sculpture

And he was right

Scott builds one and so does Bucket...TWO sculptures left at Morris Bay on Lady Douglas Island
Our return trip to Shearwater (as we head back down) blessed us with a velvety sunset

And a second stop at West Beach in Pruth Bay

Offered Bucket a beach race with a student at the research institute (his name is David, he is researching the life and behavior of the River Otter)

Bucket also joined the girls on the dock researching the Moon Jellyfish.
He was sure they were disappointed when he had to go.
His words were, "Well girls, sorry, but it is time for me to go.  Don't touch the Lion Mane Jellyfish, they will sting you."
Wild life....An Eagle observes the line up of Ravens on the breakwater at Alert Bay

Swan in the wild.....such an "AWE" moment for me

Dinner (cod, and not his good side for this photo)

Eagles...lovely proud and majestic

Cape Caution on our way up

Whale fin....say hello

And good bye

showing a bit of hump

and a bit more

before he fades away as mysteriously as he appeared

We LOVE LOVE LOVE the dolphins  (I am trying to post a video of them dancing and playing at the bow of the boat while we are underway)

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