Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bucket turned 4

     I was sure I was going to create the number 4 out of a white or chocolate
 rectangular cake and ice it probably blue.   Not the case.  I had a request from the birthday boy for a Batman cake.  He wanted the inside to be cherry flavored.  An easy task if we lived in a city with craft stores  and options upon options of cake flavors.
     This was an eye opener for the experiences we will encounter later on as we travel to foreign places.    
We are in Port Townsend.  A small coastal town (a very pleasant community), which, for as far as I know, one would find it hard to buy a pair of underpants, let alone black frosting for a batman cake.  There are a couple of "kitchen gadget" stores downtown.  I had to give the shelves a once over in hopes of finding coloring paste.  Long story short, no.  I did my hunting and searching, and came up empty handed.  Now it was time to throw a fit and stomp my feet like a four year old.  Back at the boat I did just that! The scene went something like this.

     Cindy is pacing the 20 or so feet of open floor space in the Velvet Sky.  She is opening the refrigerator and peering in (looking, just looking), pacing, pacing, straightening couch pillows, dusting the desk as she passes.  Pacing, pacing, like a caged wild cat.  At last, an explosion of frustration comes from her mouth in the form of words.
     "It used to be I had whatever I wanted, when I wanted it!" "I had convenience!" "Everything is a struggle!" "I live in a town that has nothing!"
     The search for black frosting and cherry flavored cake and coming up empty handed had broke me. But wait, here comes my Knight.  "Cindy," he says, "look around, we have everything." Shaking my head in frustration, "What are you talking about?" "We don't have black food coloring!" I heard the words come from my mouth. Then I heard his words again, "We have everything."  Then he continued,  "I laugh when you say this town has nothing."  "Wait until we get to other countries and it becomes hard to find eggs."  Reality Check.....(yeah, the idea is a bit frightening. We have only just begun this crazy adventure.  "Living the Dream," as some would say.

     I surrendered to the idea of combining all colors in the box to create grey icing. And surely the local grocery store would have cherry chip by Duncan Hines, right?  So off to the grocery store.....la la la la.
No cherry anything cake. But, would you believe....BLACK icing! Life is such a trip!  I picked up two cake mixes, to give the Bucket a choice.  He could have a rainbow chip or a tye dye Batman cake.

Two layer The Dye

Batman logo
I am 4 and can cut the cake

Taste better than it looks


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