Friday, January 3, 2014

Our New Addition

     January 2, 2014 we took the ferry back to Whidbey Island.   I fell in love with her the moment Dave  (The caregiver and previous owner) took the tarp off.  I think Scott did too.  She doesn't have a name (never has), and hadn't been in the water for 17 years.  Our new dinghy is a Montgomery 10.  It is everything we hoped for in a dinghy.  She came with oars, full sailing rig, and a beautiful white sail.  The Bucket is on vacation through January.  He will be the one to name her when he returns home.

     Originally we were planning to use an inflatable and have been watching the ad board here in Port Townsend as well as Craig's list for a used one.  Scott began researching and through that discovered that an inflatable just was not for us.  Together we decided that we wanted something lightweight and we could row, sail, or motor.  And this is what came into our life.  Lovely!  


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