Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This Stinks

     I had no intentions of sharing any of the down sides to living aboard.  I don't want to be one to burst a bubble, and, after all, most people want to think that "living the dream," is just that, and leave please leave the nightmares and trouble to those that are still living in "reality."  I am here to tell you that even dreams encompass reality.

     From the beginning, we have used the public restroom for showers as well as elimination process.  We decided that it was about time we open the head for business, both for our convenience and that of any company we have here on the Velvet Sky.  We have however limited the use of the head to urination only, no number two (great decision).  Scott never claimed to be a plumber and good thing, too.  It turns out when he did the toilet plumbing, he did it backwards.  The pump out hose was where the intake from the head hose should have been and visa versa.  We were trying to flush from the head into the holding tank via the bottom of the tank,  which in turn meant that the waste was going to be pumped from the top of the tank.  Gravity would have none of that.  We had no choice, the hoses had to be reversed and corrected.  I am looking for empathy here because I cried like a child who saw a monster in the closet when I was struck with cleaning up this mess.

     That is pee, and it was stinky, and yes, to me, a nightmare.  I hope that sharing this will bring awareness to those who plan or ever will plumb their own holding tank.  Don't make this mistake, it stinks (literally and figuratively).



  1. That STINKS! And yes I can say that with a smile, sitting in my house in Idaho with a plumber reading over my shoulder saying "no way" and "oh no" and " poor Cindy and Scott" and "please tell Cindy to wash her hands, and payday is on Friday, now you are a plumber"

  2. If it makes you feel any better, most RVers have similar stories of sewage including the wearing of same.

    Congrads on the new adventure we are so happy for you.

    We just received your card and found your blog. Excellent

    That boy is gorgeous. He should keep the boredom away.

  3. We just finished replacing all the sanitary hose. It was original from '99. Won't test it until we splash, but hope it's right.

    s/v Rover