Thursday, October 10, 2013

Preschool for the Bucket

October 3, 2013
So much happens in just three days. Zayden started a Montessori based preschool on Wednesday. He loves it. When asked his name he responds with a handshake and “I’m Bucket.!” He will be learning to write his birth name and will likely find his nickname left behind soon. We will leave that up to him for a while longer, though.

We have been on the hunt for social activities for him. He will be attending preschool two days a week. Today we tried a dance class. He was so excited to go to a dance party he could hardly stand it. It is ballet for children 3 and older. The next class is offered when he is four, that is tap. The class today consisted of about 20 children, 19 of them were little girls. He had no idea that he was the only boy. He was there for the party! I am opting to wait until he can be enrolled in tap or hip-hop or maybe even karate. He showed no sign of being graceful, no floating on tip toes for the Bucket. He wants to jump, make big noises, and do ninja moves. Ballet is out.

Now I know many of you are saying, “We love hearing about the Bucket, and his adventures. What about sailing?” Big news! We got our jib sail today! This means we will be heading out into the big Ocean soon. Scott and I put it on and learned to furl it (that means rolled it up and secured it until ready to use). One step at a time, Matey’s. Our next step will be having a few sailing lessons with a pro. She will spend a few hours with us teaching us the ropes, so to speak. This will be taking place next week, likely.

And more good news, Scott has found help in setting up this website. This guy knows what he is doing and the page will be easier and more enjoyable to follow. Thanks for following us and hanging in there. I am still learning how to post photos and other cool stuff. Eventually, as per Shawn’s request, I will be starting a journal of then and now, and I will begin to tell of our sail boat adventure beginning with shopping for our boat.

Until next time,

Fair Winds and Oceans of Love,

Cindy, Scott, the Bucket

Zayden LOVING the beach!
So this is our "Winter in Port Townsend" photo :)

Ooops! Another face plant in the sand....brain works faster than the feet.

One of the Kinetic Sculptures  (thinking about Jacob and Rose)

We supported "Boots and Bootie" in the 2013 Kinetic Sculpture Race
Go Collin and Amber!
Learning Ballet Fingers

You want me to do what?

My feet to my head?


Is this a wrestling match or ballet?

Oh...I see...

Nope...not doing it!

This is a cool sight on our way home from the "dance party"

At the stop sign...."hello dear"


  1. Yay!!! I'm so happy to see you're happy and healthy and enjoying life. So much love!!!!