Friday, October 18, 2013

Winch Servicing

My first "boat" knot

Winch servicing
step one: take a photo as to remember how it goes back together

Take the top off 
observe the gooey gears


more disassembly

clean each part with a brush, dental pick, and paint thinner

begin re-greasing
this is a pall, in this winch there are four and
each one has a tiny spring and they have a
tendency to want to get lost in the mix,
these little dudes need to be monitored

The palls in place and gears greased and ready to be reassembled

The winch reassembled and ready for the casing.
Whoo-Hoo!  She works! This is number 7 complete.
I estimate one and a half hours per winch. Only one more to go
until next year about this time (it is an annual job).
I considered giving myself a badge of "Official Winch Servicer."
(At least here on the Velvet Sky)

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  1. Nicely the picture of zayden he looks bigger!!!! Love you to the moon and back