Tuesday, February 10, 2015

We are Sailors!

     We left the dock, space G6, of Barre Navidad on Friday, February 6th at 11:55 and had a course set for Santiago Bay, an anchorage that was about 25 nautical miles south.  Scott had just purchased about $3,000 pesos worth of fishing gear that included hand lines and colorful lures guaranteed we would be having Dorado for dinner tonight.  I guessed that he had enough lures to change every 15 minutes if needed.  I am sad to report that we had rice with the fish that night.

       Since the fish weren't biting and we have the new and really cool CPT on board to help steer, we had ample opportunity to practice new and improve our sailing skills. We had between 4 and 5 knots of wind directly a stern and Captain had read about this "wing-in-wing" technique.  So, we rigged the whisker pole and luck or skill or combination of both we were sailing like we knew what we were doing.  All those days of motoring and the use of hundreds of gallons of diesel are now just distant memories.  At one point for just a couple of seconds our SOG exceeded the wind by 2 tenths of a knot.

Today.....We Conquered Our World

Wind Speed = 4.5 knots
Speed Over Ground= 4.1

Approaching Las Hadas in Manzanillo

Midnight Margaritas and an Evening Swim Makes a Great Party at the Velvet Sky
(Midnight amongst cruisers begins at 8:00 pm or whenever we are ready to call an end to the day.)

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