Saturday, January 24, 2015

Continuing South

     As it turns out, time seems to go by pretty fast even when life is moving "Mexico Style," at a slow and steady pace.  

     We had a course set for LaCruz and passed right by landing Velvet Sky on the dock at Paradise Village Marina in Nuevo Vallarta.  Seahorse V had been to tied to dock A in space 11 for about two weeks prior to our arrival.  They knew we were coming and had a space held for us.  We remained side tied to dock "A" for a day and moved to slip "B43" which became our residence for the next 17 days.  We got our gate keys and identification cards which allowed us access to the resort lobby, hospitality suite, restaurants, nightly entertainment, and most appreciated hot tub/swimming pool area.  It was like we were on a Carnival Cruise vacation.  

     Sunday evenings we were entertained with a stage show and family games, free drinks and appetizers.  Paradise Village called it their "Welcoming Party."  It was a lovely treat and fun for everyone!  Tuesday and Thursday  afternoons was a colorful performance by the local parrots and their trainer, again, fun and laughter all around.

     The pool area was tied to the ocean beach, I must say, it doesn't get much better than that, as far as swimming goes.  We could take a nice surfing dip in the ocean, rinse off the sand and salt and dive into the cool fresh water pool, get out relax on the lawn chairs, have a frosty beverage, and repeat.  Nice. eh? Yes, yes it was.  Every day was pretty much the same routine with just a few variations.  

     Scott and Bucket took a morning walk on the beach and found three baby turtles that they escorted to the ocean. We took a bus to LaCruz for a day and a "Puddle Jump" seminar.  We had dinner there at a place called Enriques, and to date was the best mexican meal we have had.  We took a bus to Walmart and Costco to do a bit of our Gringo shopping and provisioning.  We started a boaters potluck at the BBQ pit, thursdays, bring your family's dinner and a little something to share with others.   We developed a deeper friendship with the family on Seahorse V.  We had kid sleepovers almost nightly.  Bucket and Billy have developed a "brotherly" kind of friendship. And Grace, well, she thinks I am cool and I KNOW she is cool so we do girl things, like paint our toe nails and discuss hairdos.  Tina is her mother.  I adore Tina and think she is a terrific parent and a good friend.  Steve is the dad, husband and captain of Seahorse V.  He is too is an outstanding human.  We are blessed to know them, and super happy to be buddy boating with them.

     Overall Nuevo Vallarta, was a very relaxing, and carefree existence for us.  We were in no hurry to leave, however, the season will be changing soon and hurricane warnings we want to avoid, so south we will continue to cruise.  

     Our agenda and line of travel looks something like this:

 Nuevo Vallarta to Yelapa
Yelapa to Chamela
Chamela to Paraiso
Paraiso to Tenacatita
Tenacatita to Barra de Navidad

(Will attach photos later...when we have better internet)

Love to All


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