Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nosotros en Mexico!

Y Hola, Familia, Amigos Y Amigas!

     Nosotros en Mexico.! Este es Verano aqui!

     We are in Mexico!  It is summer here.  We left San Diego, California on Monday, October 27th. My BFF, Shawn, and her man, Gary, flew in from Idaho and spent the weekend with us.  And what a great weekend it was!  We were so honored to have them stay on the Velvet Sky and give us a loving, "Bon Voyage" on the morning we joined up with the fleet parade.
BFF's (And the Photo Bomber!)
Captain and Crew!  OFF TO MEXICO!

A Pirate? wanna be Sailor? to join the Baja Ha Ha parade

The brains of the operation  (Marshall! He figured out how to make the horn sound!)

Sun rising around Turtle Bay

      We joined a fleet that started out with approximately 170 boats.  The founders call this run down to Cabo San Lucas a “race.”  Really, it is just a lot of fun and a great way to meet people.  We made it to the finish line of the first leg, which was 359 miles, on October 30th at 01:18.  We were underway at that point for 69 hours and 37 minutes, of that we sailed for 21 hours, the rest was motored.  We made it to Turtle Bay or Bahai De Tortugas at 08:30 on October 30th.  We anchored out with the rest of the fleet.  Scott, Bucket, and Marshall did not hesitate to take a plunge in the warm waters of Mexico.

The water is about 75 degrees! 

And......HE'S IN!

    We met Marshall in Crescent City.  He was a crew member on a boat called Kialoa. It turns out that we became good friends with the owners of Kialoa.  We buddy boated with them from Crescent City, Oregon to Monterey California.  Their names are Scott and Tonya.  Tonya will be celebrating her 50th birthday on January 10th in La Paz, Mexico.  We will be there to celebrate with her.  I will be easily side tracked and back tracking as I write, for we have had so many adventures since we took that BIG LEFT TURN in August.  So, Marshall, was looking to crew with a boat that was going on the Baja-Ha-Ha.  Bucket made quick friends with Marshall and so did we.  The four of us discussed it and made the terrific decision to have Marshall crew on Velvet Sky for the Baja-Ha-Ha.

     Okay, we got to Turtle Bay on October 30th.  There was a beach party on Halloween and later that evening people would dinghy from boat to boat to do the traditional trick-or-treating.  You must know that after hiking, swimming, running on the beach, and all the other fun in the sun stuff that took place that day, everyone went back to their boats to get ready for trick-or-treating and no one made it back out to the dinghy.  Exhaustion won and sleep came early for the fleet.  I estimate that most everyone was fast asleep by 8:00 that night. It was a memorable Halloween in Turtle Bay, Mexico.

Bucket plays baseball for the first time.....WHACK!

And RUN!

The typical Mexican Sunset.....STUNNING!

     The fleet was scheduled to depart from Turtle Bay on November 1st.  Then along came a tropical storm given the "Vance."  The group made the decision to stay put for a day or so to watch "Vance," and see if he would turn into a hurricane or just fade out as predicted.   We utilized our time wisely and ran the water maker for the first time.  We 14 gallons of fresh water.  I am totally amazed at this machine and how it extracts only hydrogen and oxygen.  We have water that is 99% pure.  This day we also used the generator for the first time.  And….Bucket learned to write the capitol and lower case letter "B."  This was a very productive 2 days.  We also rigged FRESH with her sail.  Scott and Marshall took her ashore and explored the town of Bahai De Tortuga.  Vance did fade out and we left Turtle Bay along with the rest of the fleet on Monday, November 3 at 10:45.

      At 10:56 the sails were up the wind was out of the Northwest at 11.5 knots and Miss Sky, well she was gliding and dancing gracefully atop the sea, she was ailing at 6.5 knots as happily and as peaceful as the dolphins that swam at her side.  This was a beautiful thing.  We sailed for 40 hours and 39 minutes straight through. We had this wonderful sailing experience thanks to the Monitor Windvane, which we decided to name "Ken" in honor of our good friend Ken Watters (Ken was half of the dynamic duo from the boat named Fourth Of July.  We met Ken and Mary earlier his summer and they became a part of our family and have a place in each of our hearts forever. Ken passed away on November 5th.  We miss him greatly and send our love and hugs to Mary daily.  It is truly remarkable how we could know someone for such a short period of time and have them make such a profound impact on our lives.)

     For the first time in our existence  as sailors we were free from the drone and groan of the engine. Beautiful, divinely beautiful. We crossed the finish line of this leg at 03:43 on November 5.  Now we are in the bay of Santa Maria.  Here there was another beach party.  Some of the locals from a nearby village loaded pangas (water taxis) with stereo equipment, food, tents, and beer and put together a beach party for the Ba-Ha-Ha fleet.  Amazing and generous!  They even had live music for us! And in a place that speaks spanish almost exclusively, they managed to play and sing some pretty popular American music.  It was a great time. We played beach volleyball and swam in the ocean.  The water just keeps getting warmer.
I'm IN!  It IS warm!

     We left Bahai Santa Maria and set off for the third and final leg at 06:47, Thursday, November 6th.  During this course we crossed the Tropic of Cancer at 02:26.  Marshall was on watch, the rest of the dwellers of Velvet Sky were asleep in their bunks.  At day break we all got up to watch yet another spectacular Mexico sunrise, make another 7 gallons of water, and count down the hours to the final finish line of the Ba-Ha-Ha.  We tied up in Cabo San Lucas at 13:45 (1:45), Friday, November 7th (Happy Birthday Little Brother, I Love You!). We tied up to the docks that were previously visited by hurricane "Odile,"on September 17th this year.  It is quite the tie up, pictures do not even come close to showing the web of line securing the boat. Always a new experience.
Partial photo of a web of a lash up on Cabo docks H and I

     We went to the beach party and awards ceremony on Saturday the 8th.  Velvet Sky took 2nd place in the Agave division of the Ba-Ha-Ha!

Captain of the boat sports his Baja Ha-Ha tattoo

     Today is Wednesday, November 12th.  We have met so many new friends and great people.  This has truly been a life enhancing and enlightening experience.  Marshall left to go back to his home in Seattle, we miss him.  We plan to make our way to La Paz tomorrow, the 13th.  We will make a couple of stops along the way.

     Today,  will take the computer to a restaurant and sign on to free wifi to do this bit of blogging.  Wifi is a rare find these days (and I thought it was rare on our trip North).  Anyway,  we will be in La Paz for a while, hopefully we will have internet access more frequently and easily.  I believe we will be in Mazatlan the end of November, for Thanksgiving.  We are hoping to meet up with Wendy and Kelly there.

Buen Viento Y Amor a Todos
Fair Winds and Love to All

Cindy Scott Bucket


I just tried downloading es possible!

I will try again in La Paz





  1. .so happy to see you're having the time of your life. On a less spectacular note, we are in Yuma AZ. 80 degrees day and 60 degrees at night. Margaritas to you and yours. Steve

    1. Hey Steve! From what I hear, Idaho may be having a long and cold winter. You are in good place for nice weather. The weather is about the same here as it is there. I am glad to hear you got to go to your warm and happy place for winter. Hello to Penny as well. It is nice to here from you.

  2. Cindy, Scott, and Bucket!
    This is Carrie (the Child Development Teacher) and new friend of you all. I enjoyed meeting you all and so happy I found your blog. I didn't realize you are sailing on one of my favorite style of boats.

    Anyhoo, you have a new fan and I will be following your blog. I look forward to when you can post pictures as I would love to get the one you took of Bucket and I.

    We are home, Portland Oregon, with such a contrast of the weather we had on vacation. We are wearing wool already! Ug. It's all good but I live vicariously through the new friends I meet on the HaHa and are traveling on.

    Keep in touch and as I heartfuly offered before, send me your questions about child development. It will be my pleasure to assist as much as I can.

    Fair Winds and Safe Seas,

    Carrie Williams

  3. Hi Carrie and HUG!

    We are warm and toasty as you well know. Sleeping on top of the covers at night.

    What a pleasure it was to have met you and to have you for a friend now. I plan to post a page with Bucket and the friends he has acquired along the way (probably the next post.) I will send the photo to you via email as well.

    We will definitely keep in touch and hopefully meet up again.


    Cindy, Scott, and Bucket =D

  4. I hope you do come see us in Mazatlan!! I am ready for the warm beaches and a cerveza :) So happy you had a safe journey to Mexico. I hope you love it there as much as I do

  5. Hey Wendy!
    We will be there Friday. You will still be around for another day, right? We will be in Marina Cid. I hope to see you! Love You!