Friday, September 13, 2013

Arriving at Port Townsend (Sept. 13, 2013)

    We safely arrived at our intended destination of Port Townsend, Washington on September 3rd at around 9:00 pm. Our daily journey didn't start uneventful. We were less than 40 miles from our home in Idaho. Uno (Fred) was in his pickup leading the way and pulling a cargo trailer full of our "stuff."  Out of no where came flying rubber then we noticed the fender on the trailer was no longer attached. The tire had blown and had taken the fender with it. One thing lead to another and the spare was flat. We made our way to the nearest Les Schwab tire store which was located in Ontario while Unk and Sylvia sat with the trailer. Long story short, we replaced both tires and bought a new spare. We were back on the road. The rest of the day was just driving, and driving, and driving.

We spent our first night in a hotel room and from the next day forward, we found room to sleep in our new home on the Velvet Sky. A couple of days of unloading the trailer and carrying our belongings (still far to much "stuff") we realize that this is far to dangerous for our little guy, The Bucket. He wants to be involved in everything, including going up and down a 12-15 foot extension ladder, sometimes without an adult present. We decide he needs a vacation from this type of labor and bring him to his Aunt Hope who is back in Idaho. He will return soon and will be in a safe environment.
Our vessel got her name displayed on the aft, both starboard and the port sides. She looks so proud and beautiful. September 10th, 2013, this was a glorious day. Velvet Sky was official.
The next day, September 11, she was splashed in! She made it in the water! Milestones!
Yesterday, September 12, Scott and I put on the mainsail. We did it! A little frustration built with the lack of a flaking system, but we did it, and we were proud.

We also met with our sailing teacher, "Ace." We will be having our first lesson on Monday. Whoo Hoo!

This morning Hasse, our sail maker made a visit and we were fortunate to help her and observe her while she measured for our new Jib and Staysail. What an awesome learning experience. A whole new language. Life is full of beauty, awe, and new perspectives. We are loving it!
I realize we have a lot of catching up to do on this blog, and it will happen. I would also like to start to tell our story from the beginning for those of you who are interested and may not have lived every day up to this point with us.

There were so many of you that have been there every step of the way and we are so appreciative of you and your help and support. Unk, who has helped get her up and running from the bilge to the top of the mast, and made the trip with us to Port Townsend. To all who helped pack the house and sell belongings that just weren't going to be useful in this new way of life, and especially those who tended to Our Bucket of Joy and made him a part of your daily routine too. And those of you who were there to listen and share advise and share the joy of making this dream, reality. We love you all so very much. Thank You!

I will sign off for now and hope to be back soon (like tomorrow).

Cindy and Scott

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